Antonio Montbar

What Antonio has to say.

Antonio Montbar

Weight loss / Build Muscle Mass


I have been pushed on every session with Kiano, and I get 100% out of every session. To start with I thought the packages were expensive but when I see my transformation I truely believe that I have invested in a new life and a new beginning. I highly recommend Kiano as a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

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Angelica Taguinod

What Angelica has to say.

Angelica Taguinod

Weight Loss and feeling great!


I can say I've lost weight since I started training with Kiano Lion. The results are not only external but internal. I feel alot better about myself and more healthier. I Kiano pushes you, he makes you work really hard. He is the best trainer I have had so far so I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking to get started.


Bianca Errigo

What Bianca has to say.

Bianca Errigo



I have been training with Kiano for the past 5 months and I am really happy with the results. My life has turned around and I am a lot more fit and healthier. Kiano has always been supportive in my training programmes and has always been professional and friendly. Start training with him, you won't regret it.


Mark Samarsinghe

What Mark has to say.

Mark Samarasinghe

Training for white collar fight at TROXY Arena


I didn't know anything about boxing when I first started and after 6 months of training with the lion I became a winner. Highly recommend, not for the faint hearted as he will push you to new limits. Love every session.

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Damien Wayling

What Damien has to say.

Damien Wayling

Weight Loss and Muscle Mass!


I have been training with Kiano for a few months now and he has pushed me. I can see the progress and I am very happy with the results over the past months. He is a friendly and very professional character and I would recommend him as a anyone's personal trainer.

Chirag Patel

What Chirag has to say.

Chirag Patel

MMA training / Cardiovascular Fitness


I feel like the ultimate fighter. I have been training with Kiano for 10 months and in every session I pick up a new technique, a new move or a new combo that I take away and perfect. I really enjoy the 30 minute sessions as they push me to the limit and improve my general fitness beyond expectations.

Caroline Ayling

What Caroline has to say.

caroline Ayling

Toning my body


Training with Kiano has been great. My body is more defined and toned in all areas from just a few months of training. He is efficient and motivates you to get the job done and to go that extra mile. If you are looking for a personal trainer, he definitely is the person to train with.

Gina Vallejo

What Gina has to say.

Gina Vallejo

Weight loss and overall toning.


My body is moretoned in all areas from training with Kiano. At every training session, he motivates me to meet my goals in personal training. I highly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to start personal training. He will get the job done!

Nathan Prior

What Nathan has to say.

Nathan Prior

Muscle Mass & Overall Toning


I have been training with Kiano for a few months and I feel the pain the next day every time. I can clearly see and I feel the progress so yes I would recommend him as a coach.


Sarah Abdelmula

What Sarah has to say.

Sarah Abdelmula

Weight Loss


As a woman that has struggled with her weight and self esteem for years, I was beginning to loose hope on weather I would ever "feel good" about my appearance. At my largest I weighed 14 stones and training with kiano made me dramatically drop to a desired 9 stones. I have never felt better; as a trainer he is sincere and dedicated in making you achieve your goals. He pushed me to limits I believed didn't exist as well as enabling me to drop fat and in fact transform muscle. Alongside this my confidence is at its highest. He has taught me an incredible amount and I am so grateful for the time he has put into training and teaching me.


Anna Notman

What Anna has to say.

Anna Notman

Weight loss


Getting a personal trainer like Kiano has a made a big difference on the way I feel and my appearance. The results showed in just a few weeks of training with Kiano. I was skeptical at first but that changed when I felt the difference in my body from the first few sessions. I recommend Kiano to anyone looking to start.

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Pablo Chaoandrade

What Pablo has to say.

Pablo Chaoandrade



Kiano pushes me to my max on every exercise, every set and every rep. I leave the session soaked but feeling amazing. I have been training with Kiano for 8 months now and I have seen huge results: I'm feeling more confident, I have a healthier lifestyle and I'm looking ripped. Thanks Kiano.